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Astro-Med – Lot of Boards for the MT9500 Recorder

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Astro-Med – Lot of Boards for the MT9500 Recorder

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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Astro-Med
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Lot of Boards for the Astro-Med MT9500 High Speed 16 Channel Direct Writing Chart Recorder Data Acquisition

PCB 41573-200 rev B
ASSY415713-981 rev B
Bios: 71004-002 v2.2 u50

PCB 41579-000 rev B
ASSY 41579-1 rev H
Bios 71004-024 v1.0 u81
Bios 71004-025 v1.0 u13

PCB 41572-100 rev C
ASSY 41572-1-1 rev T
Bios v2.2 u23
Bios v2.2 u24

PCB 41577-100 rev C
ASSY 41577-101 rev P
Bios 71004-003 v1.21 u25

PCB 41571-300 rev B
ASSY 41571-301 rev R
Event 1-4

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