Bay Networks 28200 Distributed 5000 Switch



Bay Networks 28200 Distributed 5000 Switch


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  • Manufacturer: Bay Networks
  • Model: 28200 Distributed 5000
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The Bay Networks 28000 Series switches enhance existing Ethernet LANs by providing 2 gigabits per second (Gbps) of internal switching and scalable high-demand networks. By delivering dedicated, scalable bandwidth, where and when it is needed, the 28000 Series switches relieve the performance bottlenecks that plague traditional shared-media networks. Featuring Bay Networks Fast conversations to take place simultaneously, providing up to 200 times the aggregate bandwidth available on 10 Mbps Ethernet networks. The 28000 Series switches allow seamless integration into existing Ethernet environments and deliver additional bandwidth for particularly demanding applications.

Included :
MDA1 part# AQ2012002
MDA2 28200-14 part#AQ2012003

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Model : 28200 Distributed 5000
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