Berendsen Fluid Power SYS12196C04 hydraulic power unit



Berendsen Fluid Power SYS12196C04 hydraulic power unit


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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Berendsen Fluid Power
  • Model: SYS12196C04
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Berendsen Fluid Power Hydraulic Pump System no SYS12196C04 with a Baldor Electric CM3558T-5 Pump

System also includes:
5x Vickers DGMC2-3-AT-BW-BT-BW-41 Pressure Reliefs
3x Vickers DG4V-3S-OA-M-U-H5-60 Pilot Valves
5x Vickers 507848 Electric Valve Controls, 24V, 30W
1x Vickers 02-178087 Electric Valve Controls, 24VDC
1x Vickers V0211131R03 Pressure Cap, T2.6.1=300PSI (Rated Static Pressure per NFPA)
1x Hydac 02054003 Accumulator
1x Barksdale PS7-13-I Electric Pressure Sensor

Pump Specifications:
Flow: 1.5 US Gallons/Min
Pressure: 1600 PSI
Reservoir: 10 US Gallons
Max. Temperature: 160?F

Motor Specifications:
Baldor Electric
cat. no CH3558T-5
Spec. 35A002S003H1
RPM: 1740
Frame: 145TC
Ser.F: 1.15
Code: K
Des: B
Class: B
P.F. 79%
Nema Nom FFF 84%
Rating 40?C Amb-Cont
End: TeFC
Bearings DE: 6205 ODE: 6203

Hydac Accumulator Specifications:
Order no 113095
Type Code: SB330-1A1/112S-210C
Max. Pressure: 3000PSI
Operating Temperature Range: -5?F to -180?F
Use dry nitrogen gas only

Barksdale Pressure Sensor Specifications:
Adj. Range: 0-3000PSI
Proof Pressure: 4500PSI
Switch Rating: 500mA
Analog Output 4-20

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