CCS Inc PD2-3012 (CE) Digital Power Supply for 12V LED Light Units



CCS Inc PD2-3012 (CE) Digital Power Supply for 12V LED Light Units


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  • Manufacturer: CCS Inc
  • Model: PD2-3012 (CE)
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The PD2 Series of digital power supplies are designed specifically for use with CCS LED lights. Compared with analog power supplies, the PD2 Series provides a more linear and repeatable intensity control because of the force-detent adjustment coarse/fine adjustment knobs and benefits of pulse duty control. The PD2 Series is suitable for all CCS lights without dedicated power supplies. The series is designed to meet the requirements of the widest variety of applications with the 12 and 24V options, power ratings range, and the number of independent output channels.
PD2 Series Digital Power Supply Units enable controlling the light intensity in 256 steps. They supply power to 12V LED Light Units
This Digital Power Supply Unit can be connected to a 12V LED Light Unit with a total power consumption of up to 28W. It operates on a 100 to 240V AC input.

Lighting Method: Constant lighting
Drive Method: Constant-voltage system
Light Control Method: PWM control
No. of Channels: 1 Channel
Power Consumption: 78 VA

Other Informations (if applicable)

Model : PD2-3012 (CE)
Part Number : PD2 Series

Electrical Specs (if applicable)

Volts : 100-240
HZs : 50-60
Watts :
Amps :
VA :

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