Eimac 250R High-Vacuum Diode Rectifier



Eimac 250R High-Vacuum Diode Rectifier


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The Eimac 250R is a high-Vacuum diode rectifier intended for use in rectifier units, voltage multipliers, or in special applications, whenever conditions of extreme ambient temperatures, high operating frequency, high peak inverse voltages, or the production of high-frequency transients would prevent tue use of gas-filled rectifier tubes.

The 250R has a maximum d-c current rating of 250 milliamperes and a maximum peak inverse voltage rating of 60,000 volts. Cooling is by convection and radiation.

A single 250R will deliver 160 milliamperes at 24,000 volts to a capacitor-input filter with 21,000 volts single-phase supply. Four 250Rs in a bridge circuit will deliver 500 milliamperes at 38,000 volts to a choke-input filter with 42,000 volts single-phase supply.

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