EXFO FOT-700 Fiber-Optic Tester



EXFO FOT-700 Fiber-Optic Tester


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  • Manufacturer: EXFO
  • Model: FOT-700
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General Information:
Fiber-optic installation and maintenance requires accurate characterization of link loss in order to ensure that the loss budget is not exceeded?an application EXFO?s FOT-700 Fiber-Optic Tester is ideal for. In addition, this versatile tool comes in three configurations (source, power meter and OLTS) to better suit your needs.
When used as a source, the FOT-700 is the only unit of its kind that offers up to four test wavelengths in a single, portable unit. As a power meter, the FOT-700 provides various wavelength ranges, at both high and low power. And, for even more versatility, it also constitutes
an optical loss test set (OLTS), combining up to two sources and a power meter in one instrument. This configuration greatly facilitates technicians? tasks, as there are fewer units to carry and the risk of error is substantially reduced, thanks to key features such as the A-Auto function.

– Fiber Identification
– Variable Sources Output Power
– Visual Fault Locator
– Three-Way Powering

Power Supply not included
The case is broken on top

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Model : FOT-700
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Volts : 9
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