Falk Type 10 Steelflex Coupling, new



Falk Type 10 Steelflex Coupling, new


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  • Condition: Brand New
  • Manufacturer: Falk
  • Model: Type 10
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Falk originated the tapered grid design as well as shot peening to increase fatique strength and torque ratings. Falk Steelflex redefines total coupling value up to 7.5 million in-lb, 932 000 Nm torque. Steelflex offers simpler initial installation than gear couplings. The unique “replace in place” design eliminates the need to move hubs or re-align shafts, reducing element change-out time. When you look at the overall savings in initial costs, spare parts costs, and labor costs for installation, alignment and replacement – plus improved ratings – it?s easy to see what Falk?s Steelflex Grid Couplings have over the competition. No other coupling in the torque range can touch Steelflex for cost-effective performance and reliability.

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