Heathkit AG-10 Sine Square Generator



Heathkit AG-10 Sine Square Generator


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  • Manufacturer: Heathkit
  • Model: AG-10
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The AG-10 is a general purpose lab instrument, featuring wide range, high quality, sine and square waves, for a great variety of applications. Some of these are: radio and TV repair work, checking scope performance, as a variable trigger source for telemetering and pulse work, and checking audio, video, and hi-fi amplifier response.

The frequency response of the AG-10 is ? 1.5 db 20 CPS to 1 MC on both sine and square waves, with less than .25% sine wave distortion, 20 to 20,000 CPS. The sine wave output impedance is 600 ohms at all settings of the output controls (except in 10 volt range). The square wave output impedance is 50 ohms at all settings (except in 10 volt range). Square wave rise time is less than l5 microseconds.

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Model : AG-10
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Volts : 110
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