Intermec Janus 2010 ( 4 ) Data collection Terminals



Intermec Janus 2010 ( 4 ) Data collection Terminals


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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Intermec
  • Model: Janus 2010
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Kit includes :
– 4x Janus 2010 (JG2010)
– 4x NiCad Batterie Packs
– 1x Janus Z2010 4 Slot Battery Charger

The JANUS 2010 is PC-AT compatible Hand Held, with a 386 power efficient microprocessor, runs Microsoft? DOS, and supports most standard PC programming languages and off-the-shelf software. It provides evolutionary compatibility with Intermecs Interactive Reader Language (IRL), and has room for PC cards for flexible pop-in memory expansion and for the latest in communications capability. 4 MB of RAM.

The 2010 withstands harsh environments, temperature extremes, moisture, exposure to dirt and dust, and is available with a non-incendive rating for hazardous evironments. It has a 16 x 20 backlit, high contrast, CGA-compatible LCD display with virtual 25 x 80 display through windowing. Superior power management provides 10 hours of use from a single NiCad battery pack.

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