Intermec Janus 2010 Kit of 7 RF Portable Handheld Terminals



Intermec Janus 2010 Kit of 7 RF Portable Handheld Terminals


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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Intermec
  • Model: Janus 2010
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Kit includes :
– 7x Janus 2010 RF Portable Handheld Terminals, w/ Antennas, w/o Batteries

The JANUS 2010 is PC-AT compatible Hand Held, with a 386 power efficient microprocessor, runs Microsoft? DOS, and supports most standard PC programming languages and off-the-shelf software. It provides evolutionary compatibility with Intermecs Interactive Reader Language (IRL), and has room for PC cards for flexible pop-in memory expansion and for the latest in communications capability. 4 MB of RAM.

The 2010 withstands harsh environments, temperature extremes, moisture, exposure to dirt and dust, and is available with a non-incendive rating for hazardous evironments. It has a 16 x 20 backlit, high contrast, CGA-compatible LCD display with virtual 25 x 80 display through windowing. Superior power management provides 10 hours of use from a single NiCad battery pack.

The JANUS 2010 hand-held data collection computer, with its 900 MHz RF back, offers the same spread spectrum radio frequency performance as the rest of Intermecs RFDC products, providing maximum coverage and durability for industrial environments.

The JANUS 2010 RF provides wireless capabilities for those users that require RF capabilities without an integrated laser scanner.

No Batteries are included in this kit

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Model : Janus 2010
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