Kl?ckner Moeller NZMH4-18-200-OBI-CNA Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breaker



Kl?ckner Moeller NZMH4-18-200-OBI-CNA Instantaneous Trip Circuit Breaker


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  • Manufacturer: Kl?ckner Moeller
  • Model: NZMH4-18-200-OBI-CNA
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up to 480V AC, UL/CSA
Continuous Current Rating: 18A
Adjustable Magnetic Trip Range: 100 – 200A

Type NZMH4-…-OBI molded case circuit breakers are UL recognized (UL 489) and CSA certified (22.2 Nr. 5.1) instantaneous trip type circuit breakers with an adjustable magnetic trip function. Per NEC, they provide motor short circuit protection as part of a listed combination motor controller that includes coordinated motor overload protection. Short circuit interrupting ratings are, therefore, established and valid only for the listed combination motor controller assembly and associated housing or enclosure.

The NZMH4 instantaneous trip circuit breaker features a current limiting design contact assembly
and can provide high fault short circuit current ratings of up to 100kA at 480V AC.

Consult Section 03 of this catalog for combination motor controller short circuit ratings as standard
starters featuring type NZM instantaneous trip circuit breakers.

Consult Moeller Electric for combination motor controller high fault short circuit ratings as motor control center unit starters featuring type NZMH instantaneous trip circuit breakers

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