LeCroy 2323A Programmable Gate/Delay Generator



LeCroy 2323A Programmable Gate/Delay Generator


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  • Model: 2323A
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The Model 2323A is a fully programmable Gate and Delay Generator packaged with 2 channels in a double-width CAMAC module. Its Gate duration is programmable over the range 100 nsec to 10 seconds, covering a dynamic range of eight orders of magnitude. Moreover, outputs as short as 50 nsec can be selected at the expense of accuracy and stability. All settings may be programmed under CAMAC control or via front-panel controls. The settings of the instrument are battery backed-up, so the unit does not have to be reprogrammed after turning the crate off/on or after a power failure. The 2323A offers excellent stability and jitter properties with 0.2% of Full Scale accuracy in the gate setting.

– Gate, Delay and Delayed Gate Functions
– High Precision, Wide Range
– NIM, TTL, and ECL Level Compatibility
– Minimum Dead Time
– Manual and CAMAC Programming Options

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