Marcus T/W/M 2 KVATransformer



Marcus T/W/M 2 KVATransformer


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  • Condition: Tested
  • Manufacturer: Marcus
  • Model: T/W/M
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– The unique oval shape of Marcus wound construction ensures that flow of magnetic flux is carried in the direction of cold rolled grain-oriented steel for minimal core loss
– All coil leads are directly brazed to terminal board studs to prevent heating, loosening
– Marcus distribution transformers are manufactured with heatproof class 220 deg.C materials only and designed to operate well below the maximum allowable temperature rise 150 deg.C
– To provide effective heat transfer, all our core and coil assemblies are double dipped in solvents, non-hygroscopic resin and baked thoroughly
– Anti-vibration isolators between the element and enclosure reduce vibration transfer to the surrounding structure, ensuring quieter operation
2 KVA Cont 150?C Temp Rise
H.V. 220 %IMP 2.5 Type T/W/M
L.V. 110
Spec 2417

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Model : T/W/M
Part Number :

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Volts : 110/120
HZs : 50~60
Watts :
Amps :
VA :
Phases : 1

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