Parker E-AC Compumotor Microstepping Drive



Parker E-AC Compumotor Microstepping Drive


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  • Manufacturer: Parker
  • Model: E-AC
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The E Series E-AC Drive is a microstepping drive that runs two-phase step motors. It operates directly from 120VAC power; no separate DC power supply or transformer is required. The controller sends step and direction signals to the drive. For each step pulse it receives, the drive will commutate the motor to increment rotor position. The host computer or programmable controller may or may not be necessary, depending upon the controller?s capabilities. The motor can be wired in series or parallel; the amount of current the drive sends to the motor is set by DIP switches.

– Designed for use with motor inductance of 0.5 mH – 80 mH
– 3-state current control allows the drive and motor to run cooler and more efficiently than 2-state drives
– Selectable resolution up to 50,800 steps/rev
– Auto standby reduces motor current (and heating) at rest
– Provides 0.02 Amps to 3.5 Amps (peak)
– 95 – 132VAC power supply input

– Four predefined current waveforms to optimize smoothness

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Model : E-AC
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Volts : 120
HZs : 50/60
Watts :
Amps :
VA : 900
Phases :

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