Spectroline PR-125T Ultraviolet Eprom Eraser



Spectroline PR-125T Ultraviolet Eprom Eraser


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  • Model: PR-125T
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Spectroline PR Series UV EPROM Erasing Lamps are ideal for data processing centers and other medium volume EPROM users. Three models are available to meet your specific needs, each designed to accommodate small PC boards.

The PR Series lamps feature high intensity grid tubes for extremely fast and efficient erasing. In as little as 6 minutes, these lamps completely erase EPROMs on PC boards up to 4 x 9. The PR 320T also accommodates as many as 42 individual EPROMs, while the PR125T holds up to 25 EPROMs.

All lamps are attractively styled with anodized aluminum housings for rugged durability. A specular aluminum reflector assures maximum short wave UV (254nm) intensity. And the loading drawer contains a removable tray insert which is adjustable to varying heights to ensure optimum exposure.

PR Series EPROM erasers also feature numerous safeguards to protect both the user and the devices. Built in light indicators signal when the tubes are lit, and a safety interlock prevents operation unless the drawer is fully closed. Thus, the user cannot be accidentally exposed to harmful UV. A 60 minute timer automatically shuts off the unit at the end of each erasing cycle, prolonging the life of both the tubes and EPROMs. A conductive foam pad protects chips from electrostatic build-up. All models are UL listed for extra safety.

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Model : PR-125T

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