Static Control Services Pulseflow Controller



Static Control Services Pulseflow Controller


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  • Manufacturer: Static Control Services
  • Model: Pulseflow
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The PulseFlow Controller incorporates both Pulse and Steady State DC technologies and is the power source for the PulseBar line of products. The PulseFlow controller has four operational ranges from 10hz to 1.0hz in pulse mode and SS for Steady State DC operation. One PulseFlow Controller can power up to 20 electrode pairs of PulseBar. The compact size of the PulseFlow Controller offers versatile mounting in almost any application.

– For use with the PulseBar
– Powers up to 20 electrode pairs
– Settings for both pulse and steady state DC
– 4 pulse rate settings
– Easy installation

Output Voltage Range: 3.5 kv. to 8.0 kv. D.C. (Pos. & Neg.)
Output Current Range: 3.0 ua to 7.0 ua D.C.
Emitter Electrodes: 20 pairs (20 Pos. 20 Neg.) maximum.

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Model : Pulseflow
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Volts : 110
HZs : 60
Watts : 4
Amps :
VA :
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