Sunrise Telecom LP100 Leakage Profiler



Sunrise Telecom LP100 Leakage Profiler


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  • Model: LP100
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The LP100 Leakage Profiler provides your installers a simple, yet comprehensive leakage measurement solution. The LP100 is used in conjunction with the CM Series meters to monitor and
measure signal leakage and to perform FCC required leakage measurements at the drop, or any network location. The LP100 is a calibrated Dipole antenna, near field probe, and highly sensitive leakage receiver, which provides data to be be displayed on the CM meter?s large color display. The LP100 Leakage Profiler provides a sensitivity of better than 0. 5 uV/M, making even minor leaks detectable, even in harsh RF environments near transmitters and with multiple operators. The LP100 offers frequency agile tuning from 120 MHz to 140 MHz, automated alarms, peak hold for measurements, a leakage locator tone and unique signal identification trigger system.

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