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Warner Electric SS2000D6 Motor Drive

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Warner Electric SS2000D6 Motor Drive

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  • Condition: In use when removed
  • Manufacturer: Warner Electric
  • Model: SS2000D6
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The SS2000D6 is a 6 Amp/phase, bi-polar step motor drive, delivering long-lasting, dependable performance for a wide range of multi-axis and stand-alone applications. The SS2000D6 features a single AC input along with its own built-in power supply to help conserve enclosure space and dollars. The line operated, high voltage 180 VDC bus provides high speed, high torque motor performance. The SS2000D6 is also designed with switch-selectable output current from 1 to 6 amps.

The combined use of MOSFET technology, IGBT devices, and a rugged aluminum enclosure with built-in heat sink, minimizes heat generation while enhancing the performance and life-span of the unit. For proven dependability and host of features that all add up to increased safety and affordability, the answer is the SS2000D6.

– Switch selectable motor current of up to 6 Amps/phase
– Line operated high voltage 180 VDC bus for high torque, high speed performance
– Single 90 to 132 VAC input power requirement
– PWM bi-polar design for excellent high speed performance
– Switch selectable microstepping capability of up to 50,000 microsteps/revolution
– Latched short circuit protection
– Under voltage and transient overvoltage protection
– Optically isolated inputs
– Thermal Protection
– Boost current, reduce current and windings off capability
– Advanced power control

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