Zydacron ZC206/8 Tribri ISA ISDN Communication Board



Zydacron ZC206/8 Tribri ISA ISDN Communication Board


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  • Manufacturer: Zydacron
  • Model: ZC206/8
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The ZC206 provides multiple ISDN BRI connections for high quality videoconferencing and Internet access at up to 512kbps. This card is built using the robust and widely compatible ISDN design of Zydacron?s popular Z250 codec; now you can get Z250 communication reliability for other codecs and data applications. The ZC206 provides 3 BRI inter faces for calls up to 6 B channels, or 384kbps. The card provides an onboard BONDING inverse multiplexing protocol to aggregate multiple channels into one. Data is available to codecs via an MVIP bus, and to the PC host directly over the ISA bus using standard Microsoft dial-up networking. The software allows multiple client codecs or data applications to access the channels, for codec server or simultaneous video calls and Internet access. The ZC206 brings multiple ISDN communications to a new level of reliability and flexibility previously unavailable from anyone else in the industry.

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Model : ZC206/8
Part Number : PC10024-02

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